• Volvero is an app in the sustainable mobility for owners to share their vehicles

    Are you ready to find the most suitable vehicle? Our app makes it simple. And do not be worried, our insurance policy will cover you.

  • Vehicle sharing, simple.

    An app for ioS & Android. Simple, Immediate and Reliable.

  • Our vision

    In Volvero we believe that each of us can shape the world. You can lead the changement.

    Global Innovation

    In mobility

    No agencies and no extra fees. Our vision is to become the leading european platform that empowers people to share their vehicles (cars, motorbikes, camper, commercial, ..) with the users. And we do it offering you the maximal coverage you and your vehicle may need at the fair price.

    Advanced technology

    To be a step ahead

    We actively research and scout innovative solutions. That's why we chose to use Blockchain technology; for offering you a safe environment that can improve the trust in the service.

    Sustainable future

    Social Impact

    Volvero is committed in reducing waste and consumption of natural resources. Through shared mobility services, users can reduce their ecological impact up to 50%. We also engage drivers with our Gamification system: good drivers are constantly rewarded.

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    Share your vehicle


    List your vehicle

    Add your vehicle to the list, it's fast and smooth. And don't be worried, you will be 100% ensured against any damage.


    Deal with the driver

    See his/her profile and agree on the conditions. Then accept or refuse the proposal.


    Deliver the keys

    Leave your car clean and available for the driver.

  • How it works

    Drive a vehicle


    Launch the app and browse the list

    Just browser the list of the vehicles and pick the one you want.


    Contact the owner

    Finalize your rent.


    Pick the vehicle you prefer

    Go to take the vehicle you selected and enjoy!

  • Team

    Our team is made by experts in the automotive and mobility. Contact us for any information you may need. We are supported by:

    Rotary Club Milan


    International network


    Global leader in Blockchain/DLT solutions

    Volvero's main technology partner

    Impact Hub


    Global Acceleration Program

    Crypto Potential

    Verified environment


    Incubator for sustainable startups

    EU Acceleration Program

    Iulm University

    Iulm Innovation Lab

    Accelerator for digital Startups

    Startup Lighthouse

    European's top Startups 

    Network for high potential services

    Vienna Business Agency

    Institution for entrepreneurship & innovation

    Vienna Startup Package 2019

    Startup Wise Guys

    Online pre Acceleration program

    The EU's most experienced b2b accelerator